Visual Arts

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Xian Yun’s Visual Arts Department provides students with the opportunity to hone their skills in classical style Chinese and Western drawing and painting techniques. Through their training, students will learn to observe and express minute details with high precision while simultaneously uniting these details coherently into an inspiring, elegant work. All Visual Arts students must attain a very high technical level in order to excel.

At the same time, Xian Yun’s Visual Arts faculty believe that great work cannot be produced through technique alone. Students will develop a personal vision for themselves, encompassing their artistic goals as individuals and as a positive force in society. As they progress, the instructors constantly encourage them to be responsible to themselves and the work they produce.

Students are encouraged to exhibit their work and the school will direct them towards various opportunities throughout the year. Such opportunities allow students to contribute to the community by sharing their work, receive feedback from a larger artistic community, and mark their progress throughout the year. Depending on the exhibition, it may also allow them the opportunity to speak about their work to a larger audience, explaining the background, techniques, and artistic purpose or message.

Xian Yun’s Visual Arts faculty have degrees in their fields and offer years of experience practicing their art. The goal of the┬áVisual Arts Program is to provide students with professional level training that will allow them to express themselves, to grow as individuals, and to access, excel in, and contribute to the world around them through the highest possible opportunities in their field. Students will be prepared to continue their studies in a visual arts program at a university or art institute or to enter the field as professional artists.