Academics & Leadership

Awaken Your Inner Leader

These camps are an extension of Xian Yun CA’s rigorous Academic Program, which emphasizes applied knowledge and practical applications. We have a great team of teachers who are passionate about summer learning and are dedicated to inspiring students and supporting them with their endeavors, stimulating intellectual curiosity and the development of their own understandings.

Our small class size allows students to receive individualized attention from teachers. Students will be able to choose a variety of activities and camps, involving dance, performing, fine arts, leadership, sewing and craft camps, in combination with their academic camps, to make their summer 2017 fun but meaningful – a memorable time.

Leadership Camp

Age 11-13 (Session III only); age 14-17 (Session II only)

12:30-3:30pm, Monday-Friday

$900 per session

Program Description

In this highly active three weeks course, students will learn valuable soft skills in conflict resolution & mediation, teamwork, leadership, debate, interviewing, and public speaking.  The program will be led by Mr. Lee Randazzo (M.Ed), a former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, high school peer mediation advisor, high school debate team coach, and professional educator with over 20 years experience.

News Writing Camp

(Session I and II only)

Age 12+

9:00-12:00pm, Monday-Friday

$800 per session

Program Description

In this course, students will use the same techniques as professional journalists to gather

information and report news. Students will learn basic interviewing and reporting methods and apply them outside the classroom with actual subjects. Students will also take photographs to accompany their reports. Finally, students will use the information they gather to write relevant news stories in the same style as journalists.

Games & Mathematical Thinking Camp

(Sessions II and III only)

Age 10-14

9:00-12:00pm, Monday-Friday

$750 per session


Throughout the ages and in various cultures, people have played games. How do games involve mathematical thinking? –In this camp, we will play and design games, ask and answer mathematical questions, and reflect on how these games involve mathematical thinking.

The games involve physical skills games, card games, strategic games, board games, dice games, and logic puzzles from various historical time periods and regions, such as China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Persia, Europe, and the United States.

The camp intends to help students

-Understand how mathematical questions arise from daily life

-Become more confident with mathematical thinking

-Enjoy problem solving

-Become persistent with improving their designs.

Session II: Physical skills games (team work, mental math), board games (strategies, equations), card games (number of possibilities, number patterns, exponents, algebraic expressions), dice games (probabilities, fractions, square and cube roots), .

Session III: Physical skills games (teamwork, mental math), board games (geometry of triangles and other shapes, symmetry, big numbers), dice games (dilations, scatter plots, probabilities, solids), logic puzzles (reasoning).

SAT & PSAT / NMSQT Test Prep. Camp

(Sessions II and III only)

Age 12+

9:00am-12:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

$500 per session 

Many admissions and scholarship decisions are strongly impacted by students’ performance on standardized tests throughout their academic career, whether the PSAT, the SAT or ACT, or graduate tests such as the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. In this course, students are given the tools to succeed on the PSAT/NMSQT, the SAT, and other standardized tests. Topics in mathematics, critical reading, and grammar are reviewed extensively in the context of actual standardized test questions.

Additionally, the course focuses on test-taking strategies, including recognizing patterns in questions, recognizing and deconstructing the types of questions being asked, identifying “trick” and “decoy” answers, and test organization and time management. The instructor will work individually with each student and in groups to reinforce students’ challenge areas for standardized tests. Several of the instructor’s previous students have won National Merit Scholarships and gone on to top universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh, Harvard University, UCLA, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, and others.


Session I Session II Session III Full Day (cost/session of 3 weeks) Half Day (cost/session) Other options for ½ day camps
6/5 -6/23 6/26-7/14 7/17-8/4 9:00am- 3:30pm Morning 9am-noon;Afternoon 12:30-3:30pm
Leadership I Boys/Girls 11-13 X X X Afternoon$900 - Drawing and Color
- Chinese Conversation and Performance Camp
Leadership II Boys/Girls 14-17 X X X Afternoon$900 - Drawing and Color
News Writing Camp Boys/Girls 11+ X X Morning$800 - Leadership Camp I
Math Camp Boys/Girls 10-14 X X Morning$750 - Youth Dance Intensive
- Boys Dance Camp
- Textile Arts & Design
- Leadership Camp I
SAT, PSAT / NMSQT Test Preparation Boys/Girls 12+ X X 9:00am-12:00pm every Tues & Thurs$500 per session - Leadership Camp
- Textile Art & Design
* Programs are subject to cancellation if enrollment is below five (5) students.



4:00-6:00pm Guitar / Music Singing Fine Arts Theater / Music / Performing Art Sewing / Crafts
May choose Library supervision only for $10 per day.
 $420 per 3-week session



4:00-5:00pm Preschooler Dance Preschooler Dance Preschooler Dance Preschooler Dance Preschooler Dance
$225 per 3-week session


Additional Information & Fees

  • Weekly field trips to nearby parks for BBQ/Picnic (meals and transportation included)
  • Free early drop off after 8:30am.
  • Extended afterschool education programs from 4:00-6:00pm
  • Extended before school activities from 7:30-8:30am $6 per day.
  • Lunch $6 per day (Monday to Thursday).
  • Nutritious lunch buffet $6 per day (Monday to Thursday)
  • New student registration fee $50.
  • Performing arts and visual arts camp tuition includes $30 fee for costume rental or art supplies.
  • Students in Textile Art & Design Camp must bring own fabric.
  • 10% early bird discount if registered before 3/20/2017 (with 20% deposit paid). Deposit will not be refundable in case of student withdrawal.