Middle School Leadership

Xian Yun CA aims to help students to grow into responsible young adults and become leaders in their community.

Xian Yun CA currently offers a one-year leadership course. It is a hands on and interactive course in which students engage in activities that help them explore key concepts in leadership. The activities of the class cover a wide range including low impact physical team challenges, role plays and skits, games, music, storytelling, giving presentations, debate, conflict resolution exercises, mock interviews, conducting meetings to generate solutions to both real and hypothetical issues, and engaging in community development projects.All of these activities were chosen for their ability to help students reflect upon and develop the “soft skills” needed for any individual to excel in the workplace and in the community.Students will also reflect upon their values and develop a greater sense of self.This will help them to meet future challenges.The emphasis is placed on the class working together as a team.Xian Yun CA believes that all students are inherently good people.This course is an opportunity for students to bring forth the best about themselves.