Middle School Graduation Requirements

Note: Xian Yun CA reserves the right to combine grade levels for certain classes at the middle school level based on student enrollment and prior coursework in the case of transfer students.

Grade  English Social Science Science  Math Foreign Language* Electives** Arts***
6 English 6 or ESL* World History 6 Earth Science 6 Math 6 Mandarin Chinese Leadership Visual or Performing Art
7 English 7 or ESL* Medieval History 7 Life Science 7 Math 7 Mandarin Chinese Leadership Visual or Performing Art
8 English 8 or ESL* U.S. History 8 Physical Science 8 Math 8 Mandarin Chinese Leadership Visual or Performing Art

* Mandarin Chinese classes and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are based on ability level of the students. All students take a placement examination in English and Chinese upon entry. We offer beginning to advanced levels of courses.

** Leadership is a new full year course that helps students to reflect upon their values, to reflect upon and develop the “soft skills” needed for any individual to excel in the workplace and community, and to develop a greater sense of self.

***Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California currently offers Dance and Fine Art. The dance program meets and even exceeds California’s standards for physical education.   Both Performing and Visual Art offer 2-3 hours of class each day every year.