High School Graduation Requirements

Note: These are recommended course requirements for each grade level according to the State of California. If a student wants the Xian Yun CA Graduation Diploma, the requirements are higher. There are also extra recommended courses for students interested in admissions at the University of California and California State University. Ask the school counselor for details.

Grade English Social Science Science Math Foreign Language Electives Leadership Arts
9 English I or ESL Ancient World History Biology Geometry Chinese I / AP Chinese Leadership Performing or Visual Arts I
10 English II or ESL Modern World History / AP World History Physics Algebra II Chinese II / AP Chinese IV H Electives I Performing or Visual Arts II
11 American Literature / AP English & Composition U.S. History / AP U.S. History Chemistry / AP Biology Pre-Calculus Chinese III / AP Chinese V H Electives II Performing or Visual Arts III
12 British Literature / AP Literature & Composition US Government and Economics / AP U.S. Government and Politics/AP Macroeconomics AP Chemistry Calculus AB / AP Calculus Chinese IV H/Chinese IV H Electives III Performing or Visual Arts IV
XianYun CA Recommended  Credits               4                           3          3           4          3       2 1/2           4
XianYun CA Minimum Required Credits               4                            2          2           3           2       2 1/2           3
Total  Required Credits by the University of California 4 2 2 3 2 1 ½ 1

*Mandarin Chinese classes and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are based on ability level of the students. All students take a placement examination in English and Chinese upon entry. We offer beginning to advanced levels of courses.

**Leadership is a new course that helps students to reflect upon their values, to reflect upon and develop the “soft skills” needed for any individual to excel in the workplace and community, and to develop a greater sense of self.

***Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California currently offers Dance and Fine Art. The dance program meets and even exceeds California’s standards for physical education. Both Performing and Visual Art offer 2-3 hours each day every year.   Seniors who do not qualify for a diploma by this date may arrange to meet graduation requirements at a later date. Attendance at graduation rehearsals is mandatory for all students intending to participate in the ceremony.