With great pleasure, I invite you to explore the wonder in programs Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California offers.

Xian Yun CA is a fully accredited arts high school in San Francisco. Since its opening in 2010, Xian Yun CA’s students have shown great success in both arts and academic programs. Xian Yun CA’s unique Whole Child Approach model was recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visiting committee as “a unique and needed educational option for students not only in California, but internationally as well.” 

Xian Yun CA’s arts program not only trains students in technical competence and enriches their lives with beauty, but also cultivates a noble character. It is proven that traditional arts training can help students build their abilities in learning academic subjects by becoming more focused and self-disciplined, improving academic efficiency and ultimately achieving great academic performance.

Xian Yun CA also offers a rigorous academic program focusing on applied knowledge and emphasizing understanding and practical applications. We have a great team of teachers with strong but diversified backgrounds, who are dedicated to inspiring students and supporting them with their endeavors, stimulating intellectual curiosity and the development their own understandings. Our small class size allows students to receive individualized attention from teachers. Through hard work, dedication, and the support of caring instructors and peers, our students grow into responsible young adults and leaders in their community.

Along with great artistic achievements, Xian Yun CA’s students have achieved great learning outcomes and academic performance measured by two indicators: GPAs and Standardized Test Scores.  100% of Xian Yun CA graduates have been accepted to prestigious colleges and universities.

If you are eager to discover your own potential, Xian Yun CA is a place for you.  I urge you to come visit our school. You will realize  that Xian Yun CA not only prepares you for success in college but more importantly for success in life!

Sherry Zhang, Ph.D.


Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California