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Xian Yun CA’s weekend program is the perfect place for young people to nurture a passion for the arts and culture. Students will be challenged to learn new skills while developing aesthetic sophistication in a healthy and supportive environment.

As a fully accredited arts high school, Xian Yun CA is committed to extending its whole child approach to the community through enrichment programs. At Xian Yun CA, we know that authentic traditional arts place great emphasis on improving the artist’s inner beauty and character. We believe that with a noble character, young talented students become more effective learners in all areas as they improve their focus and self-discipline.

Weekend classes in dance, visual arts, Chinese language, and music are available for students 5 years old through adults. Students have many performance opportunities throughout the year to showcase their talents and share their achievements with the community.



Weekend Calendar, Schedule, and Fees

2017 FALL WeekEND Class Schedule & Fees (updated 4/8/2017)

2017 SUMMER WeekEND Class Schedule & Fees (updated 4/15/2017)

2016-2017 WeekEND Program Instructional Calendar (updated 7/9/2016)

Program Highlights

Chinese Dance Program

Chinese dance is one of the most complete and systematic dance systems in the world and is based on 5,000 years of Chinese culture and profound traditional aesthetics. Through Xian Yun CA’s complete set of training methods on foundational skills, students will learn the distinct technical skills in Chinese dance, including jump­ing, leaping, turning, and flipping while increasing physical flexibility and refining the control of movements. Students will also learn various Chinese ethnic and folk dances, such as Tibetan, Mongolian, and handkerchief dances.

Chinese dance training can help students improve their physique and physical condition while enhancing focus, self-discipline, and confidence. Our program is also designed to help the growth of a child in developing coordination, reflex ability, imitation ability, and flexibility, as well as their inner artistic ability. Our dance students can build a stronger sense of community and teamwork as they perform in community events, dance competitions, and our annual recitals.

Xian Yun CA is proud to feature professional dance instructors from the world-renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts Company.

Meet Our Dance Faculty

Arnold Yu Mr. Arnold Yu – Dance Instructor
Mr. Yu was a lead dancer with Shen Yun Performing Arts from 2006 to 2008. He has performed in over 60 cities, and in over 200 shows around the world. Mr. Yu made it to the final round in the Global Chinese Classical Dance Competition sponsored by NTDTV in 2007. He won a prize for excellent performance the following year at the 2008 competition.
Sherry Hu Ms. Sherry Hu – Dance Instructor
Born in the United States, Ms. Hu grew up with a passion for dance, piano, and the arts. At 6 years old, she learned ballet and tap dance. Then at age 12, she encountered Chinese dance and felt it was the perfect way to connect to her Chinese roots. She performed in Tianjiao Performing Arts and NTDTV’s Chinese New Year productions from 2003 to 2006. She deepened her understanding of Classical Chinese Dance by attending Fei Tian Academy of the Arts New York. Later she joined Shen Yun Performing Arts as a principal dancer, touring globally from 2006 to 2008, showing thousands of people the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. Ms. Hu has been sharing her love of this artistic form by teaching Classical Chinese dance fundamentals and tumbling skills, and choreographing a variety of dances at Xian Yun CA since 2010. Several of her students have gone on to become performers in Shen Yun Performing Arts.
Xiya Li Ms. Xiya Li – Dance Instructor
Ms. Li was born in and grew up in Germany. She started dancing when she was 5 years old, with ballet, and began learning classical Chinese dance at age 9 from a teacher from Shen Yun. In 2007, she won Honorable Mention in a competition in New York, and then proceeded to study at Xian Yun Academy for dance. She performed in the Holiday Wonders, and for seven years, she toured the world as a principal dancer for Shen Yun. At Xian Yun California, Ms. Li teaches dance and also helps choreograph the dances.
Guang Li Mr. Guang Li – Dance Instructor
Mr. Li studied classical Chinese dance at Xian Yun New York. He then traveled and performed with Shen Yun from 2008 to 2010. After his time in Shen Yun, he began teaching classical Chinese dance to middle and high school students in Taiwan. He has taught at Xian Yun CA now for several years. In both Taiwan and at Xian Yun CA, he has choreographed award-winning dance pieces, including awards won by our students in the KAR dance competition.
Selena Ren Ms. Selena Ren – Dance Instructor
Born in Anhui, China, Ms. Ren came to the United States at age 4. At age 14, she began studying Classical Chinese dance at Xian Yun Academy of the Arts in New York and graduated in 2012 with honors. Ms. Ren toured and performed for 6 years as a talented dancer with Shen Yun Performing Arts in top theatres around the world. Ms. Ren received an Excellent Achievement Award and Honor Award at the 2010 and 2012 NTDTV International Classical Chinese Dance Competitions. Ms. Ren has built up extensive teaching experience by teaching all levels and age groups at Xian Yun CA and Xian Yun Taiwan. She loves to encourage, interact and communicate with her students through dance.


All of our dance students are invited to perform in our annual Fall and Spring recitals.

(Watch 2016 Recital Highlights video)


Visual Arts Program

Our Visual Arts Program engages students in traditional-style training in drawing and watercolor painting. The curriculum is designed to introduce young artists the aesthetics of fine art and train their basic skills for drawing, coloring, and creating forms with lines.

Meet Our Visual Arts Faculty

Qiu Yan Hao Ms. Qiu Yan Hao – Visual Arts Instructor
Ms. Hao has loved painting since childhood. She received three years of professional art training at an arts high school. In 1991, she studied art at the Fine Arts Department of Hebei University of Science and Technology. After graduation, she began to study and practice Western classical painting, traditional Chinese painting, graphic design and sculpture. Many of her works are customized and collected privately. In 2014, she participated in the “World Realistic Portrait Painting Contest” and won “Outstanding Humanities Award.”
Perry Uzunoglu Mr. Perry Uzunoglu, B.A. – Visual Arts Instructor
Mr. Uzunoglu graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Art degree in 2009. His studies included traditional western drawing and oil painting as well as graphic design, screen printing, and paper making. Mr. Uzunoglu wishes to provide solid training in the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and design while helping students realize and develop their own artistic purposes and to tell their stories through their art.


Mandarin Chinese Language & Culture Program

Language acquisition comes naturally to our students through fun and immersion-based activities.  Cultural enrichment experiences with ancient legends and poetry help students grasp deeper understandings of the traditional culture spirit, such as virtue and integrity.

Chinese Language and Arts Enrichment Class

For Ages 5-6
Saturday, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Total Tuition for Spring 2017 (17 classes): $510

Open to students with little or no Chinese language knowledge. This Mandarin Chinese-immersion class is to foster students’ love of language learning through fun enrichment activities. Students will be exposed to essential vocabulary and speaking skills through word games, dance, and drawing, as well as participating in guided conversations.

Chinese Language and Arts Enrichment Class Schedule
9:00am – 9:55am:  Learning Chinese Characters
9:55am – 10:20am:  Word Games
10:20am – 11:05am:  Children’s Drawing
11:10am – 12:00pm:  Chinese Dance


Chinese Language and Culture Class

For Ages 7-11
Saturday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Total Tuition for Spring 2017 (17 classes): $510

Open to students with little or no Chinese language knowledge. This beginning level class is designed to help students develop basic skills in reading, listening, and speaking Mandarin Chinese through conversation exercises, songs and rhymes, and games.

In order to help students gain exposure to the ancient Chinese heritage that is an integral part of their language learning, we will also be offering a Chinese Culture class in which students learn to memorize and recite from the traditional children’s primer San Zi Jing. Within this rhythmic, grammatically simple Song-dynasty work is a series of “introductions to everything,” from the order of numbers and the four seasons to historical characters and moral virtues. Through this class, students will gain a broader knowledge of traditional Chinese values and a more intuitive feel for the language.

Students will also learn basic Chinese calligraphy strokes to better understand Chinese characters and radicals.


Chinese Language Class — Continuing Level

For Ages 9-17
Sunday, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Total Tuition for Spring 2017 (17 classes): $255

This Continuing Level class is open to students who have basic skills in listening and speaking Chinese.
This class focuses on developing students’ reading comprehension and basic writing skills to further enhance their listening and speaking skills. In addition, students will conduct reading of short prose pieces to build their vocabulary.

Meet Our Chinese Language Faculty

IMG_9630 copy_web Mr. Qining Cai – Chinese Instructor
Mr Cai was a professor of Chinese in China, teaching the Chinese language to foreign students since 1984. He also taught media production. He has an extensive knowledge in Chinese literature and culture. With his dignified manner he seems to exemplify the expression of traditional Chinese culture. And then as we look beyond his reserved demeanor we see his caring for his students expressed in the time and energy he puts in to work with them and help them deeply understand the lessons, shaping his teaching to fit the needs of each student.
Adele Wang Ms. Adele Wang – Chinese Instructor
Ms. Wang came to Xian Yun with 16 years of teaching experience and two college degrees, one in education and the other in early childhood development. In her teaching she helps young children understand, speak and write the Mandarin language, bringing in stories for the class to read together and working with the students to recognize and write the characters. As you watch her you will see the careful balance she maintains between praising the students for what they are doing and encouraging them to increase their abilities. She often uses the characters’ etymology to help students remember their meaning. 
Min Zang Ms. Min Zang – Chinese Instructor
Ms. Min Zang graduated from the Department of Chinese Teachers College and has over 7 years of teaching experience.




Xian Yun CA offers private lessons in piano, violin, and viola. Lessons on other instruments may also be made available based on demand.