Adult Dance


Based on the graceful movements of Classical Chinese dance, this program improves flexibility, balance and strength while teaching a rich art form with thousands of years of history. Come improve your overall fitness level and well-being in a supportive environment!

Classes are currently available three times per week. The first trial class is free.



2016-2017 WeekDAY Program Instructional Calendar (updated 7/9/2016)


Class Schedule and Fees

Time & Day Rate Fees by Semester
6:30 – 8:00 pm (Tuesdays) $30/class Fall 2016 – $540 Spring 2017 – $600
1:30 – 2:50 pm (Sundays) $26/class Fall 2016 – $390 Spring 2017 – $442
2:50 – 4:10 pm (Sundays) $26/class Fall 2016 – $390 Spring 2017 – $442


Meet Our Adult Dance Program Faculty

Xiya Li Ms. Xiya Li
Ms. Li was born in and grew up in Germany. She started dancing when she was 5 years old, with ballet, and began learning classical Chinese dance at age 9 from a teacher from Shen Yun. In 2007, she won Honorable Mention in a competition in New York, and then proceeded to study at Xian Yun Academy for dance. She performed in the Holiday Wonders, and for seven years, she toured the world as a principal dancer for Shen Yun. At Xian Yun California, Ms. Li teaches dance and also helps choreograph the dances.
Selena Ren Ms. Selena Ren
Born in Anhui, China, Ms. Ren came to the United States at age 4. At age 14, she began studying Classical Chinese dance at Xian Yun Academy of the Arts in New York and graduated in 2012 with honors. Ms. Ren toured and performed for 6 years as a talented dancer with Shen Yun Performing Arts in top theatres around the world. Ms. Ren received an Excellent Achievement Award and Honor Award at the 2010 and 2012 NTDTV International Classical Chinese Dance Competitions. Ms. Ren has built up extensive teaching experience by teaching all levels and age groups at Xian Yun CA and Xian Yun Taiwan. She loves to encourage, interact and communicate with her students through dance.