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The dance faculty at Xian Yun CA is comprised of some of the world’s best classical Chinese dance professionals, who come from Shen Yun Performing Arts. The classical Chinese dance program here is, simply put, extraordinary. Its goal is to revive and teach the genuine, compassionate, and beautiful traditional Chinese dance in its purest forms. Our 2,500 plus square feet studios are considered the best of their class in training facilities.

Through our dynamic and systematic training approach, students will exhibit an art style with unique classical Chinese rhythm and elegance, develop proficiency in technique, and be able to translate intent to action.

We arrange performance and competition opportunities for all students in the local community so that students can gain valuable experience performing in front of a live audience. These opportunities will not only enhance their artistic development but will also help them become more disciplined and self-confident, while giving them a chance to work as a team.