Welcome to Xian Yun CA

Welcome to Xian Yun Academy of the Arts California! As you may have discovered already, Xian Yun CA offers a unique experience for students to be fully immersed in the beauty and strong values of traditional arts while receiving a high-quality academic education.

In line with our mission and vision, Xian Yun CA is committed to offering the best education model by combining a rigorous academic curriculum from grades 6 through 12 alongside advanced training in dance and visual arts – all in a bilingual environment (English and Mandarin Chinese). Furthermore, Xian Yun CA promotes cultural awareness and appreciation of traditional arts in the community through performances so students have many opportunities to perform and showcase their talents throughout the year.

At Xian Yun CA, we hope to provide a lifelong rewarding experience for every one of our students as they will be challenged to do and be more by placing equal emphasis on professional skills, academic knowledge, the study of culture, and character development.

Dr. Sherry Zhang