Advanced Placement (AP)


AP courses, or Advanced Placement courses, are accelerated courses that offer college-level curricula. Each year in May, students will be given the option to take the AP test for their respective courses in order to gain future course credit in some colleges and recognition by the College Board. Of the 34 different AP courses and exams available through the College Board, Xian Yun CA offers more than 20 AP courses in the classroom or through an online provider.

Xian Yun CA is approved by the College Board to offer the following courses in the classroom:

  • A.P. Calculus AB
  • A.P. Biology
  • A.P. Chemistry
  • A.P. Psychology
  • A.P. English Language and Composition
  • A.P. Literature and Composition
  • A.P. Chinese Language and Culture
  • A.P. World History
  • A.P. U.S. History
  • A.P. U.S. Government and Politics
  • A.P. Macroeconomics
  • A.P. Art History