“Xian Yun has provided the best school experience. The environment always feels pure and peaceful, and the students are all friendly and nice. Dance and academics are well balanced in a way that the student can experience the best of both at the highest degree. The Traditional aspect of the school is unique, as it incorporates the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance that the modern world needs.”
– Full-Time 12th Grader


“Before I came to Xian Yun, I had already tried Ballet and Classical Chinese Dance. In both cases I didn’t like it and quit after a year. But something here at Xian Yun made me want to stay. It was different from the other schools I’d been to, except I find it difficult to put into words. When I walk through the doors every morning, I just feel… different. The whole atmosphere seems to radiate with something pure. It’s like a break in this muddy world of graffiti and gangs, a place to get away from what modern society has now turned into. When I first arrived at this school I saw nothing special. Now I know, it’s not something that you can just point out and say, it’s something that you have to experience and feel.”
— Full-Time 8th Grader


“The teachers here not only help us do well, but also show us what it means to have good moral values. Everyone at our school is very kind and inclusive, and I feel like I’ve made a lot of friends here. As a dance student at Xian Yun, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of helping out the community, and I never expected it to be so fun.”
— Full-Time 11th Grader


“I like Xian Yun because of its sense of duty regarding the knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, something that I lacked before coming to this school. Also, because of the school’s environment, the benevolence of the students starts to surface and there is always a sense of purity.”
— Full-Time 10th Grader


“My daughter Ginnie has liked to dance ever since she was young. She was trained by many well-known dance teachers. She told me, however, that she only truly learned how to dance after she came to Xian Yun CA. She is preparing to enter college this year. Dancing every day keeps her energetic for her busy workload.”
  — High School Parent


“My son Fred became a full time student at Xian Yun after attending the summer camp here. He practices his tumbling skills at home daily after school. He said: ‘I have never been this happy before. How come you did not take me to Xian Yun earlier? I did not learn as much even in three years as in one semester here!’”
— Middle School Parent


“Xian Yun has been a great choice for Kevin. The teachers here are very caring and class size is small. Kevin can now control himself much better and does not spend as much time on computer games as when he was in another school. He has also improved his Chinese quite a bit.”
— Middle School Parent


“My son Jeffrey received much training at Xian Yun on his basic musical skills. In private lessons in general (such as piano and violin), it is difficult to get adequate training, and Xian Yun makes up for these deficiencies. Jeffrey had a dramatic increase in his performance abilities.”
— Middle School Parent


“At Xian Yun, there is always something exciting going on. Though our academics and arts schedules may seem quite full from 8 to 4:30, I find the classes at Xian Yun stimulating and full of momentum. After class, students have the option of joining various after-school activities, such as dance practice, puppet show rehearsal, and arts and crafts. The whiteboards in the hallway and before the academic classrooms are constantly plastered with notices and announcements. Throughout the year, we have performances, exams, holiday parties, movie nights, and field trips. Sometimes we bring our performances on visits to other schools, and occasionally receive visits from neighboring schools as well.

Initially drawn to Xian Yun for various reasons, students at our school encompass a wide range of backgrounds, personalities, and interests. It may be hard to imagine so many different people all coming together as one, but it is what we have achieved. There are no cliques, no gangs, no bullies or outcasts; students at Xian Yun are a very close-knit group who among themselves can sincerely share their concerns, accomplishments, and dreams. Through interactions during class and after-school activities, my classmates and I have learned about our similarities and differences from one another and have come to really appreciate each other and the school’s diverse environment. In our school, there are middle and high schoolers; there are students from the U.S. as well as internationally; there are dancers, musicians, and artists. However, despite our differences, there is one identity that we all share: being a Xian Yun student. And to us, that is what matters most of all.”
— Ginnie Wu, One of Xian Yun CA’s First Graduates