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  • Fully Accredited Arts High School
  • Fully Accredited Arts High School
  • Fully Accredited Arts High School
  • Fully Accredited Arts High School


  • Grades 6 - 12

    Xian Yun CA is committed to offering the best education model by combining a rigorous academic curriculum alongside advanced training in dance and visual arts. We aim to educate the whole child by placing equal emphasis on professional skills, academic knowledge, the study of culture, and character development.

    • Accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
    • Master instructors from Shen Yun
    • Bilingual environment (English and Chinese)
    • Advanced Placement courses available

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  • Grades K - 5

    Xian Yun’s bilingual (Mandarin & English) after-school program provides a positive environment that enlivens cultural appreciation and pride.

    • Rigorous training in Chinese language
    • Homework tutoring
    • Nurturing discipline and self-esteem with traditional values and decorum
    • Facilitating critical and creative thinking with enrichment activities
    • Fun outdoor physical activities and hearty snacks
    • Safe, warm, and caring environment

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  • Ages 5 and above

    Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, the “Dance Development Program” involves a complete set of training methods for foundational skills in Classical Chinese Dance, including bearing, form, and demanding aerial techniques. In addition, we offer a variety of classes for dance enthusiasts, including Ethnic & Folk Dance and Elements of Performance.

    • Master instructors from Shen Yun
    • Structured sequence of training stages
    • World-class training facility

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  • Ages 5 and above

    Weekend Arts & Culture programs at Xian Yun CA offers students ages 5+ a unique, challenging, and fun experience in Dance, Music, Fine Art, Chinese Language & Culture.

    • Master dance instructors from Shen Yun
    • Chamber ensemble combines classical Western and Eastern instruments
    • Traditional-style training in drawing and watercolor painting
    • Chinese immersion-based activities and rich cultural experiences

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  • Ages 6 and above

    Summer camp at Xian Yun is the perfect place for young people to nurture a passion for the arts and culture. Students will be challenged to learn new skills while developing aesthetic sophistication in a healthy and supportive environment.

    Full-day and half-day camps in dance, visual arts, and Chinese language are available for students 5 years old through adults. Every week, we bring all students together for a BBQ/picnic at a nearby park to enjoy wholesome summer fun and make new friends through games and activities.

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